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At Cherry Hill Mitsubishi located in the state of New Jersey we offer the best inventory within Camden county. Our dealership is always studying the markets, exploring the new and pre-owned vehicles available to us to offer our customers with more options than they could imagine. We also offer great-quality used inventory and customer service. We welcome all customers in Camden, especially Philadelphia, Burlington, Collingswood and surrounding areas to come in and experience what sets us apart from the rest!.

What Services do we provide?

The biggest trial you’ll face when shopping with Cherry Hill Mitsubishi is not locating a car, but the ability to narrow down our options to just one car. We specialize in many things, just take a look at our options below:

We Want Your Car

Yep, you heard that right. We want your vehicle and we’ll purchase it whether you trade in or not. Cherry Hill Mitsubishi is the largest used car dealership within the Camden County, so our inventory has to meet those demands. The appraisal process is quick and painless, you’ll be in & out of our dealership in a bit less than and hour, with a check in hand of course. If this is the type of service you’re looking for, then give us a shot to put a value on your trade in and walk out of our store with a live market report for your vehicle.

Financing Is an Option

Do you want that nice new car but don’t have the necessary funds? Worried about getting pre-approved? Worry no more! We have a fast and secure credit application that you use online from the seat of your home, or from your fingertips on your mobile device! We will work with you to get you the best possible deal on your vehicle to get you back on the road today!

We Handle All Mitsubishi Maintenance

That inevitable moment when you hear that new sound coming from your vehicle and you just don’t know what it could be? Fret no further and bring your vehicle to Cherry Hill Mitsubishi for all your service and repair needs, from regularly scheduled appointments to major repairs, you can count on a continued driving experience unlike any other – for every single mile of your lease or ownership. Bring your vehicle in and let our highly trained and certified technicians do whatever work you may need and have your vehicle sounding like it did when you first drove it off the lot..

Our Neighbors

If you need anymore information about the services we offer you the customer, please click one of the buttons below that pertains to you or contact us now by filling out the form below! We look forward to communicating with you.

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